We are writing hi_story

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easier english is written below.

Trans inter and nonbinary people are missing in stories aswell as in history. In fact we have lived in all times and all places. It is time to join together and write down our hi_story. Are you in?

Our longing

Simoan and me are longing for books and stories, that are telling about us.
We want to read about people of various genders in history and about the history of genders.
We are longing for stories showing our strength, because we are here besides all the obstacles. And we are just random people at the same time.
We are longing for stories telling our dreams, our needs, our ways, telling how different we all live and love and are.

And who could tell theese stories better then all of us?

Our plans

We want to create a book, that tells the hi_stories of inter, nonbinary and trans people. To do so, we invite all trans, inter and nonbinary people to take part.
How about we show the next generation, that we have allways been around and lived everywhere?

You can do your own piece of work or tell us about your research, fantasies or yourself.
Every language is welcome. Every need is important.

We are not aiming for just a classic book. Of cause we want to make the hi_stories accessible online for free aswell.


write us or send a video or voice message. Meet up with us for a talk.


Cis people are welcome to support us. We need help with translations, editing, sensitivity reading, accessibility of book and website, consultation on historical backgrounds…

We are writing hi_story

Why is there an underscore _?

_ shows a blank space

_ shows there is more then men and women.

In hi_story there is a blank space.

Book have a blank space.

They tell of women and men.

They do not tell

about everyone else.

Our longing

Simoan and I wish for

a book about people like us.

What kind of people?


Non· binary people.

binary means in pairs – there are two.

Binary genders means

there are men an women.

But there are so many more.

Non· binary means, a person is

neither a woman,

nor a man.


Trans· gender people.

Trans means on the other side.

Trans· gender means,

a person has another gender,

then thought at birth.


Inter· sex people.

Inter means inbetween.

Inter· sex means,

the genes, genitals, reproductive organs, hormones

or other features

are different then doctors expected.


Many different people.

They live everwhere.

They lived everywhere.

we want to get to know their stories.


We are those people.

We can collect these stories.

all together.

Our plans

We are collecting stories.

All inter, non· binary and trans people

are invited to join.

How can you take part?


You can create a contribution:

Write a poem.

Draw a comic.

Shoot a photostory.

Or something else.


You can tell us stories.

We will write them down.

Tell us about yourself.

Tell us about your dreams.

Tell us about your research.


What will we create?

A book

and a website

with manifold stories.


Every language is welcome.

Your needs are important.

Do you want to join?

Write us

or send a video

or send a voice· message

or meet us.

How to support us

Cis· gender people can support us too.

Cis means on this site.

Cis· gender means,

a person has the same gender

as people thought at birth.


How can cis people help?

They can translate texts.

They can edit texts.


They can check for accessibility.

We want everyone to be able

to use the website

or read the book.

Any advise is welcome.


They can check for discrimination.

Discrimination means, some people

are treated less favourable,

offended or overlooked.

This happens, because society thinks

they are worth less then other people.