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Wich personal data I work with and why


Your comment, nickname and website will be be safed and visible for everyone. This is why you choose what you share in a comment, wich nickname you pick and wether you fill in a website.
You may opt in on using a cookie to deposit your name, e-mail and website. The cookie will be valid for one year.
If you are signed in at wordpress, your profilepicture will be shown next to the comment. Any picture you add to the comment will be saved and shown aswell. These pictures can be downloaded and their location data extracted. It is within your responsibility to remove the location data from the picture before uploading it.
I will also save your e-mail and IP. Neither will be shown with the comment. I will save your e-mail encoded and delete your IP after 60 days. Furthermore I will save the metadata of your comment.
I disabled emojis in the comments.


If you contact me via the contact form or e-mail, I will save your e-mail adress and our conversation. In case you prefer I delete both right after our conversation please let me know in your last e-mail.

Social Media

If you decide to use the RSS feed or share my site on social media they will work with your personal data different from me. This is out of my responsibility. Please check the data protection agreements of theese sites.

Links and embedded content

Parts of my site may contain content of other websites. This may be pictures, videos, articles and other data. This content acts according to the data protection agreement of their origin.

If you click on links the data protection of the linked page applies.

Passing your data to third parties

I will not hand your personal data over to third parties. To make sure of this I am not using Google Fonts, Google Analytics and such.


It is possible to use this site without exposing any personal data. If I do collect personal data (name, e-mail-adress, IP) I do so on a voluntary base if possible. I will not pass them on to a third party without your consent. You find a detailt personal data agreement above.
Nonetheless online data transmission is never completely safe and I cannot protect your data from every third parties acces.

I explicity object the use of my personal data (post and e-mail adress, phone number) that I put on my site due to the obligatory impressum. They may not be used by third parties to send me advertisements or informational material I did not ask for in pain of legal actions.

disclaimer concerning links

My website contains links to third party websites. I have no influence in their content and cannot guarantee on these pages. Their hosts are responsible for the content. Allthough I have checked the sites for law infringements when I put up the links, I cannot constanty check them without indications. In case I get to know there is a violation of law on a linked site, I will delete said link.


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responsible § 55 Abs. 2 RStV:
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